Exhibition space and self-publishing workshop in Bergen (Magnus Barfotsgate 25)


Pamflett mediates artist’s self-publications with exhibitions, art book fairs, workshops, launches, talks and other events.
Pamflett is a physical space with a risograph workshop and exhibition space on street level in Bergen, Norway. We also host other events such as Bergen Art Book Fair, Fanzinekveld and the Fanzine Library (which now has its home at Kiosken next door). Pamflett is also 1/3 of Norsk Risoforening.

Pamflett’s current members are
Ann-Kristin Stølan, Fredrik Rysjedal, Raquel Maia Marques and Ola Lysgård.  

Contact person regarding exhibitions and riso-print workshop:
Ann-Kristin Stølan

Pamflett is part of Isotop Artist Collective   
Magnus Barfot gate 25, 5015 Bergen
Supported by Norsk Kulturråd and Bergen kommune