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MOLAF Circumflexions

The Museum of Longing and Failure (MOLAF) is a collecting entity with a focus on small-scale sculpture. The MOLAF takes shape through a sustained conversation with living artists and collectives, whose contributed works form the basis of exhibitions, interventions, publications, and the production of new objects by the MOLAF itself. Exploring a fluidity between institution, artwork, and author, the MOLAF strives to continually interrogate its own structure, identity, and capacity to both support its collection and generate new working methodologies.

MOLAF Circumflexions is the fourth published work by the Museum of Longing and Failure. It comprises twenty short stories and twenty graphic images, each text containing three sentences of twenty words or less, and each drawing composed using three elements that repeat up to twenty times. This underlying structure reflects the numerical constraint given to artists when invited to create a sculptural work for the MOLAF’s collection — that their contribution measure 20 x 20 x 20 cm or smaller.

In conjunction with the launch of their new publication, MOLAF Circumflextions, the MOLAF is presenting an installment of sculptures at Pamflett, from June 5 - July 10, 2021, with new works by artists Åsil Bøthun, Marit Følstad, Micah Lexier, and Juan Ortiz-Apuy.

The MOLAF is run by artists Andrew Taggart and Chloe Lewis.