Exhibition space and self-publishing workshop in Bergen (Magnus Barfotsgate 25)

B-Open festival

April 21–22, 2018



Pamflett are one of B-Open’s curators on the project “Norden til Bergen”, and this year we invite you to our pop-up bookshop where we present books published by Lodret Vandret and Trippelpunkt! The books are sold for half of their original price – only this weekend!
Open from 12:00–17:00

More info on the books and an evening event on Saturday here!

More about B-Open!

Bergen Art Book Fair at Bergen Kunsthall

October 19–22, 2017 

BABF 2017


5th edition of the Bergen Art Book Fair
at Bergen Kunsthall. 

The event had 50 different artists and publishers both locally, national and international. 2000 people visited the fair. Check out images, blog and exhibitor list at bergenartbookfair.no

Pictured: AAPIE from Argentina

Magnus Barfot gate 25, 5015 Bergen