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Launched March 15, 2019



Narves1biblioteket was Pamfletts second invited artists of 2019 to be part of Pamflett Publications. They got full access at the self-publishing/risograph workshop, to work on new art publications; a book or a zine. The artists and illustrators in Narves1biblioteket, Herman Breda Enkerud, Erlend Peder Kvam, Christa Barlinn Korvald og Sunniva Aurora Dybvig, made one publication each.

The exhibition and books was launched on March 15, and are for sale at Pamflett and at Kiosken. 

m00ds of Norway presents the spring catalogue.

this is said about us:
- amazing collection ...
I actually is one of those
10 years later as you can see they have developed in so many... ways incredible spirit....
quite fond of. yes. i love it. i want to say to all of you...