Pamflett is open to artists who want to make your own publications. If you are new to risograph, we will help you get started! Contact us with your project: We can also print smaller projects on demand, like flyers and posters.

We are not a full-service printer, so please give us files and info at least 1 week before you need it! :)

We print only on Risograph + digital screen print, Gocco!

What is RISO?

The digital duplicator, also called risograph, from the japanese company RISO, is a unique “copy machine”. It combines the high speed of a copier and a silk screen like result. Printing one by one layer of color, with a color library ranging from flourescent to metallics.

Originally an office machine, and not really intended for the art market, the machine has quirks like challenging registration, smudging and not being able to print on anything other than bulky uncoated paper.

Greener prints

The Risograph is also environmentally friendly with ink based on soy waste material from rice farming and using little power compared to other similar printers, and where digital laser print is melted plastic. That is also why your prints look shiny even on matt paper. We print mostly on Munken papers, produced in Sweden at one of the worlds most sustainable paper factories.

Colors at Pamflett

  • #000000
    BLACK (A3)
  • #3255A4
  • #00A95C
    GREEN (A3 + B4)
  • #FFB511
  • #FF665E
    RED (A3 + B4)
  • #0078BF
    BLUE (B4)
  • #FF48B0
  • #FFE800
    YELLOW (A3)

Make publications

We usually do not provide the full-service of assembling books, but our workshop is free to use for everyone that wants to work on their publication and we are here to help! We have the essentials: paper giljotin, staples in different colors and cutting boards.


If you are a group of 3–6 people that want to learn to print with riso, please send us a request and we will make a workshop based on what you want to know or try out with the risograph!


The risograph can only print on uncoated paper, between 80–250gsm. We have a selection of different papers available, but you are also welcome to bring your own – as long as its uncoated and between the limits of paper weight. Recycled paper can have trouble absorbing the ink because it might contain fragments of plastic.

Paper size is maximum SRA3, and print size is A3.

We stock paper from Munken (usually Pure and Lynx) and can order other papers for your projects.