Print and self publish with Risograph! 

What is RISO?

The digital duplicator, also called risograph, from the japanese company RISO, is a unique “copy machine”. It combines the high speed of a copier and a silk screen like result. Printing one by one layer of color, with a color library ranging from flourescent to metallics, you don’t really know the result until it comes out of the printer.

Originally an office machine, and not really intended for the art market, the machine has quirks like challenging registration, smudging and not being able to print on anything other than bulky uncoated paper. Its limits and imperfection is however what many say is part of its charm.  

Plant based!

The Risograph is also environmentally friendly with ink based on soy, stencil made by plant fibers and using very little power compared to other similar printers. However recycled paper can be troubling because they may contain traces of glue and plastic, and the ink won’t absorb into the paper.


The risograph can only print on uncoated paper, between 80–250gsm. We have a selection of different papers available, but you are also welcome to bring your own – as long as it can print with riso.

We carry Munken Pure and Multidesign, in addition to a few colored papers.

Make a publication?

We do not provide the service of assembling books, but our workshop is free to use for everyone that wants to work on their publication. We have the essentials: paper giljotin, staples in different colors, glue binder and cutting boards.

Know nothing about riso?

We also have occasional workshops if you want to learn more. Check out or workshop-page!

If you are a group of 3–6 people that want to learn to print with riso, please send us a request and we will make a workshop based on what you want to know or try
out with the risograph!

Also check out the “riso bible” from our scottish colleagues at Risotto Studio! 

Want to print?

Send us an e-mail with what you want to print, how many colors, how many prints and when you need it!

Colors available at Pamflett

◉◉◉TEAL #00838A
◉◉◉BLUE #0078BF

◉◉◉PURPLE #765BA7

◉◉◉BLACK #000000

Pamflett Self Publishing Workshop was made possible with funding from Art Council Norway and Bergen Municipality.

Magnus Barfot gate 25, 5015 Bergen